tornion yhteislyseon lukio

Upper secondary school of Tornion yhteislyseon lukio

General information

Tornion yhteislyseon lukio is an upper secondary school situated in Tornio at the Swedish border. We are the oldest school providing secondary school education in northern Finland. We are a school of approximately 450 students at 16-19. Most of our students come from Tornio but also from neighbouring municipalities, some students even from Haparanda in Sweden.

Finnish upper secondary schools follow the national syllabus for secondary education. The national syllabus determines the content for national compulsory courses. Each student also studies optional and additional courses to complete their 75-course degree. Some of our students take a double degree ie they study both at Tornion yhteislyseon lukio and at a vocational school on alternate periods. For more detailed information please visit:

Upper secondary school provides students education on various subjects. Completing upper secondary school usually takes three years but there are some students who study for four years, eg those taking a double degree. For more detailed information please visit national agency for education:

Prior to Tornion yhteislyseon lukio our students have completed the nine-year comprehensive school. After graduating our students will most often continue their studies at a university or a university of applied sciences. Finnish upper secondary school ends in matriculation examination which the students take in at least four subjects. Every year we have 110-120 senior secondary school graduates in Tornion yhteislyseon lukio. For more detailed information on matriculation examination please visit

Students and contacts

International contacts are a necessity in today’s school and we make no exception. Our school is a member of Euro School Net 2000 which has provided students as well as teachers an opportunity to visit other European schools. We have had several EU projects over the years and are almost constantly looking for new ones. Our location at the Swedish border gives us a unique opportunity to familiarise ourselves with the Swedish society as a whole, not only schools.

Our active student body arranges theme days every now and then. Please visit their instagram to see what is going on today. Students can choose to become tutors who are second-year students helping the first-year students to feel at home. A special room for student body, sofas everywhere in the school, games in the hall and the school canteen offer our students places to meet their friends and spend their breaks.

For any further information on our school, please contanct us:

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